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we can have our pancake and eat it, too!

September 25, 2017

I love a hearty breakfast!  Who doesn't love a plate full of pancakes, bacon (nitrite/nitrate free) and good ol' farm fresh scrambled eggs?  Since I drastically changed my diet a couple of months ago, I've longed for a hearty breakfast that included my beloved pancakes.  I found a recipe for pancakes that are delicious, low-carb/grain-free and quick and easy to make.  I'm in heaven. Don't forget the butter!  Thank you, Lisa, at Low Carb Yum for this terrific recipe; it's a keeper!  Get her recipe here.  Keep reading for my tips and thoughts.




Tips & Thoughts: Since I cook only for myself these days, this recipe is easily halved.  (I have half of the half in the refrigerator to prepare later.)


I don't keep sparkling water in the pantry, so I used Diet Mt. Dew, instead; I couldn't tell a difference.  I've also used plain water and they turned out fine.  The picture included is of a batch made with plain water.


The recipe called for 3-4 Stevia packets.  I used 2 packets in the halving of this recipe. lol  It wasn't too sweet. 


Add blueberries!  The addition of fresh blueberries was the bomb...and they're good for you!


Sugar-free Pancake Syrup: I know a lot of people on the healthy band wagon are against using Aspartame.  However, I have to choose the lesser of two evils, here...carbs or Aspartame; I chose Aspartame, in this instance.


Update:  I've since made these pancakes a couple times more.  Once I used chopped pecans and they were oh, so delicious!  I've also found that by making a full batch, instead of halving the recipe, I can cook these up, cool on a wire rack, place between wax paper and freeze.  I've let them set out to thaw, and I've also nuked them 10 seconds, flipping every 10 seconds until thawed...then warm in the microwave.



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