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amber's dozen

September 26, 2017

I wish I could afford a personal trainer, like forever! Last weekend Amber told me I was her first official client; I would've never guessed. She is great at pushing me, which is exactly what I need and want. Plus, she doesn't let my ramblings distract her from our workout session. Amber is a pro at multi-tasking...instructing me during our session, listening to my frustrations from the evening before and then sending an encouraging personal text with a scripture, later. 


Today was our 7th session together and something I discovered early on about Amber is how she miscounts reps; we argue if it was 12 or 13. I started calling the 13th rep, 'Amber's Dozen.' It's now an ongoing joke with us...Amber's Dozen.  



This was at the beginning of our session. I'm in the middle of 'fire hydrants' in this picture, an exercise I've never performed before. I will be feeling it tomorrow...trust me.









This picture was taken toward the end of our session. I'm working those calves...feeling the burn, baby! See how much I'm sweating? I don't go to the gym donning makeup or styled hair. You will see the 'real me' at the gym...sweat, flat hair and all.



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